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Natural language processing meets

  • financial statements.
  • patents.
  • public records.
  • scholarly publications.
  • your data.^2000

About Thunken

Thunken offers software engineering and consulting services in natural language processing, text mining, and data science.

We help you address the main challenges faced when building text analytics tools and natural language interfaces, including finding patterns in unstructured data, dealing with multilingualism, and resolving ambiguity.

We strive to create technology that extracts high-quality information from all types of textual data, from social media content to complex documents like contracts, financial statements, patents, or scholarly publications.


Software Development

We cover all stages in software development, including prototyping, productization, integration of third-party services, and performance improvements.

Machine learning

We help you work with unstructured data using methods like document labeling, semantic search, topic extraction, sentiment analysis, etc.

Business Intelligence

Turn your data into actionable insights. We help you use artificial intelligence to structure and visualize your data, and to automate your processes.


Our contribution: natural language processing on scholarly publications and patents, full-stack development, and system administration.  

Our contribution: natural language processing on patents and technology transfer documents, full-stack development, system administration, and web design.