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Thunken is an indie data science company. We believe that knowledge is grounded in data, and we work to bridge gaps between scientific research and business intelligence.

We specialize in analyzing documents relating to science and innovation, including scholarly publications, patents, clinical trials, and financial statements. We monitor research outputs and the attention they receive, and we root for the underdogs.

We develop Cobaltmetrics, Ironsift, and several open source libraries. We also offer consulting services in data science, natural language processing, and machine learning.



Cobaltmetrics sets the new standard for altmetrics, allowing you to summarize the attention surrounding your content.

Go deeper than with other aggregators, get citation data from 180+ languages. Report on all types of content: publications, books, patents, clinical trials, security vulnerabilities, etc.


Ironsift puts public data to work instantly, allowing you to stay on top of innovation and regulations, no matter your industry.

Get access to decades of historic data. Monitor results in real time, get notifications when new records match your queries. Share alerts and reports with your team.

Consulting Services

Software Development

Turn your ideas into reality.
We can help with all stages of your project: prototyping, productization, performance improvements, benchmarking, etc.

Machine learning

Turn your observations into models.
We help you work with unstructured data using methods like document labeling, semantic search, topic extraction, etc.

Business Intelligence

Turn your data into actionable insights.
We help you use text mining and data science to structure and visualize your data, and to automate your processes.


We build and maintain crawlers, search engines, and text mining tools for various clients across North America and Europe.

Nanomolar  has outsourced their full-stack development to us since their inception in 2017. We work on all technical aspects of the project, from data collection and text mining on patents and technology transfer documents to web development.

MyScienceWork  outsourced their R&D to us from 2017 to 2018. We helped their team deduplicate and ingest tens of millions of documents into their databases, and we built various text mining tools to analyze scholarly publications and patents.

We have also worked with technology companies such as eRowz  and LakePharma , business schools like INSEEC , and other clients via Clarity .


Luc Boruta 

Chief Executive Officer

Damien Vannson 

Chief Technology Officer

Casey Scott McKay 

Jr. Backend Developer

Contact Us

Ask us how we can help! Email us at [email protected] to inquire about your next project with us, or just to say hello.

We are also active on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Clarity.

Email is our preferred method of communication, but snail mail can be addressed to:
Thunken, ℅ Luc Boruta, Suite 100, 1666 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009.